Fighting Back: Seeking Redress for Medication Errors in Texas

The accomplished and dedicated Texas prescription error attorney at the Law Offices of Glenn W. Cunningham represents individuals and their families that have been victimized due to errors made by pharmacists, pharmacies, medical professionals, and health care facilities. We work to get you justice and also hold the industry accountable to facilitate larger positive social change.  

Legal Duties of a Texas Pharmacy

It’s natural to place your trust in a pharmacy’s staff to fill your prescriptions correctly and pay attention to the details. The pharmacy is required to provide accurate and reliable services as well. These are a few other duties of a pharmacy in Texas (legally speaking):

  • To clear any questions and doubts regarding the prescription
  • To inform patients about the potential side effects of a drug
  • To discuss any highlighted concerns with the prescribing physician
  • To raise concerns about any possible interactions with existing medications of the patient

You may have a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the pharmacy if they fail to deliver any of the aforementioned duties. As per a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, in every five doses provided at a typical 2,000 bed hospital, there was at least one drug error. This translates to two errors per patient in any given day. 7% of these errors were reportedly harmful leading to serious consequences.

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Common Pharmacy Errors in Texas

These are a few common pharmaceutical errors resulting in patient harm:

  • Giving the wrong dosage or the right medicine with the wrong potency
  • Giving the wrong medication
  • Not accounting for drug interactions between one or more medications
  • Failing to pay attention to alterations 
  • Failing to research potential allergic reactions as per individual medical history
  • Applying the wrong label

These mistakes can result in life-threatening or life-altering consequences. You may be able to file a claim against the pharmacy if any of these errors have a negative effect on your health.

Causes of Pharmaceutical Errors and Negligence

Medication errors are among the most common form of medical malpractice according to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). It costs the country over $177 billion each year. These are the most frequently cited reasons for prescription drug errors:

  • Missing or insufficient information
  • Illegible handwritten prescriptions
  • Overly complex drug regimens
  • Incorrect selection of dosage or drug
  • Medications with similar-looking or sounding names
  • Lack of adequate review or documentation

Most times, medication mistakes don’t cause any undue harm to the patient. However, if a medication error results in catastrophic injury or death, it takes a skilled pharmacy error attorney, someone who has been through the legal obstacles before and knows how to deal with them in the best way possible, to advocate for the injured patient and their families. 

Steps to Take if Your Texas Pharmacy Makes an Error Resulting in Your Injury or Medical Complication

Generally, all pharmacies have a policy for handling common errors. You should let them know about the mistake as soon as you discover it. The pharmacy may issue a refund or offer to replace the medication for free. Due to legal constraints, the pharmacy may not be able to provide you with a full disclosure of why the mistake happened.

This makes it necessary to work with our top-rated Texas pharmaceutical negligence attorneys. We will thoroughly investigate and analyze the cause of your injuries and hold all the liable parties accountable. Medical reports in these cases can prove to be a vital piece of evidence in establishing liability. You should seek medical attention if you are experiencing any kind of adverse symptoms.

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Proving a Pharmacy Error Lawsuit in Texas

You can file a lawsuit against the responsible party to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering as a result of the error. There are four primary factors to every medical malpractice lawsuit. These are:

  • Duty – Your pharmacy had a duty to provide reasonable and safe product and services
  • Breach of duty – The pharmacy failed in meeting the duty because of negligence
  • Causation – The breach of duty caused direct injury to you
  • Damages – You suffered financial losses as a result of the injury

You should find an exceptional and considerate attorney with the necessary skills, resources, and knowledge to represent you fully.

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