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Nursing Home Negligence Is Heartbreaking and Must Be Stopped

Nursing home abuse

When you place your trust in a nursing home to care for your parent or other elderly loved one, you have the right to expect that they would be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. If you have concerns that neglect or abuse is occurring or believe that injuries or death may involve improper care, please seek assistance from a lawyer experienced in handling nursing home injury and death cases.

Based in San Antonio, the Law Offices of Glenn W. Cunningham represents nursing home residents and families of residents throughout Texas. We have prosecuted hundreds of cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect. Mistreatment in elder care facilities is simply unacceptable, and we will do everything possible to hold accountable those who harm the elderly.

How Prevalent Is the Problem?

In 2013, the National Center on Elder Abuse released statistics highlighting the problem of elder abuse in the U.S. According to the study, nearly 6 million people over the age of 60 were abused, either by family members or by caregivers. The forms of abuse include neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse.

The numbers with respect to nursing homes are particularly troubling. The study shows that 91 percent of nursing homes lack adequate staff to properly care for all their patients. That lack of staff is a primary driver in the epidemic of neglect that we see today. Further, 36 percent of the nation’s nursing homes have been found in violation of elder abuse laws. If all incidents were reported, that number would likely be even higher.

Evidence of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

Many nursing home cases begin when a relative visits a resident and notices something strange. There could be something wrong physically, like bruises. Or, the resident’s behavior could be different, either too withdrawn or much more emotional than usual. In most situations, residents themselves are either unable to report the abuse or are too afraid to do so. Therefore, if you see anything you think is suspicious, trust your instincts and seek help.

Over the years, our San Antonio nursing home negligence law firm has handled legal claims involving issues such as:

There are no excuses when it comes to abuse or neglect – especially in the hands of those who provide such care.

Contact an Experienced Texas Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

If a family member has been neglected, abused, exploited, or otherwise injured in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is important to contact our law firm right away. You can contact us online or call 210-787-3312 to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. We can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there are time limits within which you must file your lawsuit. So, time is of the essence.