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We Represent Courageous Whistleblowers

Fraud against the government costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Those who act with courage in exposing wrongful acts, particularly fraud, committed against the government by contractors do a great service to all of us. These reporters are called whistleblowers. In many situations, these whistleblowers are allowed to file a qui tam lawsuit against the contractor on behalf of the government, recover a portion of the compensation if the suit is successful, and remain anonymous throughout the proceedings.

The San Antonio whistleblower attorneys at the Law Offices of Glenn W. Cunningham represent clients throughout Texas who wish to report fraudulent acts on the part of government contractors.

If you need advice about reporting unlawful conduct or have questions about qui tam whistleblower protections in San Antonio or elsewhere in Central or South Texas, call a lawyer at 210-787-3312 or send us an email to arrange a meeting.

Medicare/Medicaid Qui Tam Whistleblower Claims

Medicare and Medicaid fraud by hospitals and health care providers are significant problems in this country. According to FBI statistics, more than $2.5 trillion is spent on health care every year in the U.S., with somewhere between $75 billion and $250 billion of that amount attributable to fraud.

If you are an employee of a hospital or health care provider, and you believe your employer is committing Medicare or Medicaid fraud, please contact the San Antonio-based Law Offices of Glenn W. Cunningham at once. Medicare and Medicaid fraud may involve such things as overbilling for a service, or billing for a service that was not provided.

Remember, it is not legal for your employer to terminate you for reporting illegal activity. You can feel secure about coming to us and speaking about what you have seen. We will give you the honest advice you need and guide you as the issue goes forward.

Get Advice on Qui Tam Claims and the False Claims Act in San Antonio

For advice regarding whistleblowing and qui tam actions in Texas, reach out to attorney Glenn W. Cunningham. For a consultation, please call 210-787-3312 or contact our firm online.