Texting While Driving is Dangerous and Distracting

Now that nearly every person has a cellphone, accidents caused by distracted driving have greatly increased. It is common to see people on the road not paying attention and instead talking on their phones or texting. While these actions are not illegal in Texas, some cities have made texting while driving a crime. Regardless of whether it is illegal or not, distracted driving is still negligent and can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit if the distracted driver caused a serious car accident.

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About 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, take action today with the help of skilled and respected personal injury attorney Glenn W. Cunningham. Contact our San Antonio firm for a case evaluation.

Texting While Driving

Cell phones with text-messaging capabilities further increase the risk of driver distraction. The amount of time that drivers spent with their eyes off the road increased by up to 400 percent when retrieving or sending text messages. A texting driver is 23 times more likely to get into an accident than a non-texting driver.

Recently, the Texas Legislature passed a bill that would have made texting while driving illegal in Texas. Unfortunately, Governor Rick Perry vetoed the bill. Though texting while driving may not be illegal statewide in Texas, more than 20 cities, including Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Galveston, McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville now have taken it upon themselves to make texting while driving illegal within their city limits.

Regardless of whether texting while driving is illegal in your city, it is nevertheless a dangerous activity to engage in and, when texting causes an accident involving serious injury, the negligent driver should be held accountable.

Other In-Vehicle Distractions

Distractions in a vehicle are nothing new. Though the instances of distracted driving have greatly increased with the prevalence of cellphone ownership and usage, distractions have always existed and been cause for a motor vehicle accident. According to the NHTSA and VTTI study, some other distractions that may result in an accident include:

  • Reaching for moving objects inside the vehicle.
  • Looking at an object or event outside of the vehicle.
  • Reading while driving.
  • Applying makeup.

Anything that results in a driver's focus being averted from the road may result in a serious accident. These distracted drivers need to be held accountable for their negligent actions.

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