Ambulance Chasers

Barratry Laws in Texas

Texas has strict barratry laws. These are laws that govern the way in which attorneys go about finding personal injury clients. While advertising is in compliance with the laws, contacting potential clients directly after being made aware of their situation by a "case runner" is not. A case runner is someone that is actively seeking out injured parties in order to have them retain certain lawyers in return for compensation from that lawyer. These actions are illegal and action may be taken against the attorney who engaged in this type of client-seeking behavior. These attorneys are often considered "ambulance chasers" and are a poor representation of lawyers in general.

At the Law Offices of Glenn W. Cunningham, we are aggressive in our pursuit of justice for clients who have been scammed out of fees by an attorney who violated his or her fiduciary duty to the client. We have almost 25 years of legal experience that we utilize when standing up for the rights of clients in San Antonio and throughout South Texas.

Attorney Glenn W. Cunningham is committed to adhering to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior. His focus is on his clients and seeing that their needs are met.

Ambulance Chasing

After you have been in a car accident, you may have received calls from a case runner, who states that a chiropractor or physical therapist will see you and evaluate your injuries for free. In some cases, the case runner will show up at your door, claiming that an insurance company sent him to pick you up to take you to the appointment. The case runner may also have you sign a contract with a lawyer that you have not even met. All of this is considered ambulance chasing and is in serious violation of the Texas barratry laws.

Defending Clients' Rights

If you feel that you have been in this situation, and the attorney charged you a legal fee, it may be possible to sue the attorney and recover the legal fee you paid. You should never be forced to sign a contract with an attorney with whom you have never spoken or one that contacted you directly after an accident.

Our firm works hard to inform and educate clients on their rights, thoroughly examining the initial case and taking action against the other attorney and/or case runner whenever necessary.

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